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Our Services

We offer professional music services with a fast turn around time.

  • Audio Mixing & Mastering

    We have experienced engineers make sure every vocal take is on time and on pitch. We mix and master every of your songs so it has the same volume, bass, and treble just like that popular hit track you are feeling at the moment.

  • Audio Recording

    We offer rapid and easy recording without interruptions. All tracks are arranged using latest recording techniques that will provide your song with a dynamic feel and the professional result your art deserves.

  • Order Your Beat

    Can’t seem to find the perfect beats for your songs on our website? No problem, we got you! All you have to do is send us a message explaining the type, genre, style and length of beat you want or send us the acapellas or a voice note and allow us to make custom beats around your lyrics! Whatsapp +2348115890388 Facebook - beatsonline Instagram - @getbeatsonline